Actividades :

No Hotel Burgau a nossa equipa vai ajuda-lo a encontrar as actividades que lhe vão preencher o dia:

Desde Praia, Surf, Pesca, Visitas guiadas, Golf, Passeios de Barco, Caminhadas, Ciclismo, entre outras, só depende do seu gosto e da sua vontade. 

Descubra a nossa cultura local ...

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Pescando no burgau
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Hotel Burgau is able to recommend you several activities:

As Surf, Fishing, Golf, Trekking, Boat trips, Cycling, Bird Watching, among others, just depend on your will.

Discover Burgau Coastline, the cultural routes and early settlement history...

Burgau beach which is a walking distance from our hotel is a prime spot for surf enthusiasts!
A Praia do Burgau , um icon do Surf... 
To be seen:
Just over 5 km away from the hotel is the historical Vale de Boi, an excavation  site with the oldest and most significant Paleolithic finds known throughout the southern peninsular.
Capela N.S. da Guadalupe , the Virgin Lady visited by Prince D.Henrique o Descobridor
Dinosaurs Footprints between Porto de Mós and Salema beach .
Roman Ruins at Boca do Rio.
Walk and Observe all the Natural Beauty and incredible Biodiversity of Fauna and Flora.
Our natural gardens, ...
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